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Hiya(: welcome to the “Talk of Ghana Blog”. I hope you have a good time reading and surfing my page. I’m Lynette and yea…i’m going to tell you a little about myself. I live in Nebraska but I am originally from Ghana, which is in Western Africa. But the thing is I was born in South Africa and moved to the United States in 2002 to Ames Iowa.(GO CYCLONES!!!) I love love love to do track and soccer. I also love reading, traveling, and culture. I love to listen to any kind of music except for Country…country just makes my ears bleed..Some of my favorite bands include Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Kings of Leon, The Cab, Band of Horses, Peter Bjorn and John, FFH, and Casting Crowns,, this list could go on and on and on.(: I play the violin..shout out to all my string players..haha and a little bass guitar. French Fries are basically my middle name,, I love them to death..Ice-cream as well..but..sorry French Fries are a-ma-zing!!! Did I mention I absolutely do not like BIG Dogs…little ones are okay..but I mean come on BIG Dogs are blahh and over rated.(:

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  1. Great Start! I love your writing and humor! You will need to tell us more about Ghana and South Africa. I love culture also so I think it would be fun to have your viewpoint. What would be something you miss from South Africa.

  2. OHHH GOSHHH Lynette! i lovee you haha you and your french fries! Your soo crazy at times! well makee that alll the time haha okay buh bye! since the bell is about too ring(:

  3. @soccer12: Hahah i love you tooo!!!!!! Yes yes…..i’m pretty crazy “at times”…all the time!!(: we can be crazy together its all good(:

  4. heck yess.
    i found you lennie!
    so yeah, my blogs the food guru.(: and guess what im doing now.? EATING!! ohh how i love food.(: food’s so awesome. i love it. i think ima marry it someday.(((: well, yeah i like your theme, its tight yo.!(: hmm, yeah i didnt know you liked soccer, or did i.? hmm, i dunno! ahha, but yeah member im from ghana too.? (; ahha well i love you lennie!

  5. Lani!!! You found me!!! Haha you so would name your blog the food guru!!(: remember…eat for me in spirit lol!!! I can see it now…you marrying food..I call being a brides maid;) I am going to look att your blogg ritee aaa-now. Pshya you are my ghanian sister…mhmm..yep! i lovess you too mwah:D

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